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Buy Labsa online

Buy Labsa online

CAS # 27176-87-0
Form of Chemicals  Yellow-Brown viscous liquid
Molecular Formula C18H30O3S
Physical State Liquid
Active Matter (Alkyl benzene Acid) % 96 min
Free oil   % 2.00 max
Sulphate % 1.50 max
Color(5% Am. Aq. Sol.)Klett 50 max
Water content % 1.00 max
PH Value 2-3
Functions Detergent Manufacture
Categories Industrial
Packaging Type Drums
Packaging Size Bulk


Buy Labsa online

Buy Labsa online, Discover the potent cleaning abilities of LABS, ideal for crafting top-notch home and laundry cleaners. Versatile for a range of products, test its utility today. It’s a dense, dark amber liquid, with a molecular mass of 326, 96% active ingredients, 1.5% unbound sulfuric acid, and a density of 1.05.

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Specifications of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid

CAS: 27176-87-0

Alkyl benzene Sulfonate(%) ≥96.0 ≥96.0 GB/T 5173
Color Klett 20MAX 40MAX GB/T 8447
Free Oil (%) 1.5MAX 1.8MAX GB/T 8447
Sulfuric Acid (%) 1.5MAX 1.5MAX GB/T 8447
Chemical Formula R-C6H4-SO3H
Appearance 25°C The viscous liquid with pale yellow and brown
CAS No. 42615-29-2
Characteristics: Soluble in water and ethanol easily, can not be soluble in common organic solvents, strong water absorption  Product Description
Typical Analysis:
Product Name: Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid
Chemical synonym: LABSA
Properties: Pale yellow or Brown Viscous liquid; Boiling Point(°C): >100; Specific Gravity/Density (g/ml): 1.029
HS No.:34021100
CAS No:27176-87-0
EINECS No:287-494-3


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