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Fatty Acid for Sale Online

Fatty Acid for Sale Online

Fatty acid for sale, There are crucial components of a healthy diet that play a vital role in maintaining overall health and well-being. These organic molecules serve as a major source of energy for the body and are involved in various physiological processes. Let’s explore the importance of fatty acids and their impact on our health.

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kg
Grade Standard Industrial Grade
Packaging Type Drum
State of Matter Liquid
Physical State Liquid
Form of Chemicals Liquid
Packaging Size 180
CAS Number 68603-42-9
Color yellow liquid
Molecular Formula no
Boiling Point 168-274
Appearance viscous yellow to amber liquid
Einecs-No 271-657-0


Coconut diethanolamine

Specifications of Coconut diethanolamine

CAS: 68603-42-9

Synonyms: ethylanld, COCAMIDE DEA, clindrol200cgn, COCO DIETHANOLAMIDE, Coconutdiethanolamine, COCONUT DIETHANOLAMIDE, COCAMIDE DIETHANOLAMINE, clindrolsuperamide100cg, Coconutoildiethanolamide, Coconut oil alkanolamide, Coconutoil,diethanolamide, Coconutacid,diethanolamide, COCOFATTYACIDDIETHANOLAMINE, Coconut diethanolaMide (CDEA), COCAMIDE DIETHANOLAMINE (DEA), Coconutoilacid,diethanolamide, Coconutoilacidsdiethanolamide,Coconutoilacids,diethanolamide, Coco fatty acid diethanolamide, Palm Kernel Oil Dieathanolamide, Coconutfattyacidsdiethanolamide, coconut oil acid diethanolamine, N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides, N,N-BIS(2-HYDROXYETHYL)COCOAMIDE,Coconutoilfattyaciddiethanolamide, Amides,coco,N,N-bis(hydroxyethyl), Coconutoilfattyacid,diethanolamine, Coconutoilfattyacidsdiethanolamide, Coconutoilfattyacids,diethanolamide, COCONUT OIL AMIDE OF DIETHANOLAMINE, amides,coco,n,n-bis(2-hydroxyethyl), coconutoilaciddiethanolamine(con2/1),Coconutfattyacidamideofdiethanolamine, Amide, Kokos-, N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)-,n,n-bis(hydroxyethyl)coco fatty amides, N,N-bis(2-Hydroxyethyl)coconutoilamide, N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-Coconutoilamide, Coconut oil acid-diethanolamine condensate, coconutoilaciddiethanolaminecondensate(2/1), n,n-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)coconutfattyacidamide

EINECS: 271-657-0

Molecular Formula: no

Appearance: viscous yellow to amber liquid

Boiling point: 168-274°C

Stability: Stable.

Water Solubility: 5-10 g/100 mL at 18 ºC

Chemical Properties: viscous yellow to amber liquid

General Description: Viscous amber or yellow liquid.


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