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Buy Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate

Buy Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate

CAS Number:

Other Trading Names:

  • Aero 317 Xanthate
  • NAX-41

Type of Packaging :

  • 180 Kg sealed drums
  • 900Kg wooden boxes

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Buy Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate

Buy Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate,When it comes to optimizing your mining operations, selecting the right chemicals is crucial. One such essential chemical used in the mineral flotation process is Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate (SIBX)

It is a powerful collector agent widely used in the mining industry for sulfide mineral flotation. It effectively enables the separation of valuable minerals from unwanted gangue material, thereby maximizing recovery and improving overall efficiency.

Advantages of Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate

Firstly, High Collection Efficiency: SIBX exhibits exceptional collection properties, ensuring a higher recovery rate of valuable minerals during the flotation process.


In Addition to that, Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate demonstrates excellent selectivity for various sulfide minerals, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Improved Process Economics

Furthermore, By utilizing SIBX, mining operations can achieve improved process economics through enhanced mineral recovery and reduced reagent consumption.

Again, Choosing a Reliable Supplier To fully harness the benefits of Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate, it is crucial to procure it from a trusted supplier. Here are key factors to consider:

 Quality Assurance

Secondly, Ensure the supplier adheres to strict quality control measures, providing you with high-purity SIBX that meets industry standards.

Consistent Supply

Thirdly, Opt for a supplier with a proven track record of maintaining a steady and reliable supply of Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate, preventing any disruptions in your mining operations.

Moreover, Technical Support: Look for a supplier that offers comprehensive technical support, including guidance on dosage optimization and efficient application techniques.

Why Choose Us for Buying Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate? At [Your Company Name], we are committed to providing top-quality Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate for your mining needs. Here’s why you should choose us:

Superior Quality: Our SIBX is sourced from trusted manufacturers, guaranteeing high purity and consistent performance.

Equally important is technical Expertise: Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to assist you with technical support, helping you optimize dosage levels and improve your flotation process.

And, Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate, providing you with excellent value for your investment.

Lastly, To enhance the efficiency and productivity of your mining operations, buying Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate from a reputable supplier is paramount. By opting for high-quality SIBX, you can achieve better mineral recovery, reduced reagent consumption, and improved process economics.

Conclusively, BELONGA GROUP TRADING PTY LTD is your trusted supplier and unlocks the full potential of Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate in your mining operations. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and secure a steady supply of this essential mining chemical.

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