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Buy Acetic acid

Buy Acetic acid

We use a new technical process to produce,that is methanol decomposition.It is mainly used in manufacturing of vinyl acetate, diketen, acetate, ethyl cellulose and chloro acetic acid.


Buy Acetic Acid

Buy Acetic acid, uses a new technical process to produce, that is methanol decomposition. It is mainly used in the manufacturing of vinyl acetate, diketen, acetate, ethyl cellulose and chloroacetic acid. It can also be used in the field of synthetic fibre, binding agents, pharmacy, fertilizer and dyeing raw material and in the field of plastic, rubber and printing as a solvent.

Acetic acid is a common organic acid used in a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. . If you need acetic acid for your business or research, many suppliers offer high-quality products. It is important to choose a reputable supplier that can provide the specific grade and quantity of acetic acid that you require. Be sure to research your options and compare prices to find the best deal.

Detail description: 

HS code: 2915211900
CAS No.: 64-19-7
Formula: CH3COOH
Appearance: Colorless Liquid

Packing details: 

30kg drum 800rums/20FCL 24mts/20FCL
220kg drum 80 drums/20FCL 17.6mts/20FCL
1.05mts/IBC  20IBC/20FCL 21mts/20FCL


Index Specification Result
Apha colour <10 5
Freezing point ºC 16 16
Specific gravity 1.04 1.04
Acetid acid ≥99.8% 99.9%
Acetaldehyde ≤0.004% 0.003%
Formic acid ≤0.06% 0.03%
Iron ≤0.00004% 0.00002%
Non-Volatile Matter ≤0.003% 0.004%
The heavy metal(As Pb counts) ≤0.0002% 0.00014%


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